Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)

The mission of the PTG is to build and educate a community of faith by supporting our teachers and staff, providing resources and activities for our students and families, and facilitating communication between parents and staff of Saint Kilian Parish School.

The Parent-Teacher Guild is a wonderful way to collaborate and accomplish various goals for our student body. All parents are encouraged to participate either through being a member of the PTG Leadership Council, committee members, or as members of the general assembly. Meetings will be held as needed, with dates noted on the school website. Complete details regarding PTG activities, volunteer opportunities, communications and contact information can be found below:

2016 - 2017 PTG Leadership Council

Position Name Email
President Meghan Morris
Vice President Krista Sammartino
Treasurer Kristin Ravasio
Secretary Elizabeth Gammie

PTG Leadership Council Responsibilities


  • Develops PTG meeting agendas in conjunction with the leadership group and facilitates the monthly meetings.
  • Coordinates topic of interest presentations for the parent group.
  • Acts as a liaison between parents and school staff for school-wide projects and activities.
  • Helps to develop the foundation for the PTG program.
  • Ensures that yearly goals of the PTG are identified, communicated and accomplished.
  • Determines appropriateness of PTG expenditures


  • Assists the PTG President with all of the above responsibilities as necessary.
  • Helps coordinate parent activities/groups.
  • Coordinates parent volunteers as needed.


  • Responsible for the creation, tracking, and reporting of the overall PTG budget and financial position.
  • Responsible for all financial activities of the PTG including the Fundraising Committee.
  • Maintains bank account in conjunction with the Business Manager.
  • Prepares and presents monthly update for PTG meetings.


  • Records PTG monthly meeting activities and prepares minutes to be posted on the web page.
  • Meeting minutes serve as the official documentation of all PTG decisions and as communication to parents.
  • Publishes the Celtic Bridge Family Newsletter on a regular basis (usually every other week).
  • Maintains a current copy of the PTG Bylaws.

In addition to the above-listed responsibilities, each Leadership Council member will act as a liaison to the PTG Committee Chair in the following ways:

  • Provides an overall perspective on school operations and activities.
  • Communicates necessary information to the Principal and Committee Chairs.
  • Helps to ensure that programs address the overall needs of all students of Saint Kilian Parish School (as appropriate).
  • Works with Committee Chairs on budget preparation and approval from the Leadership Council and Principal.
  • Assists Committee Chairs as needs are identified.

PTG Committee Roles and Responsibilities

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