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SKPS Cafeteria

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Saint Killian Parish School has a dedicated cafeteria space where students can purchase breakfast and either bring lunch or purchase a school lunch. Children planning to purchase cafeteria lunches will need funds deposited into their My School Bucks account via - a secure, family friendly system for online school meal prepayments (please contact the school cafeteria for login credentials).

No Nuts Please!
As a reminder, we are a Nut Restricted school! Our kitchen and the food we serve is nut free. The cafeteria itself is nut safe meaning that all reasonable precautions are taken so that peanuts and tree nuts are not in direct contact with those who are allergic. We provide a separate, designated area in the cafeteria for those students bringing a nut-based lunch or snack in their lunchbox. Please understand that it is a measure necessary to provide for the safety of all our students and that your understanding, cooperation and sensitivity are greatly appreciated as we teach the children how to care for all their sisters and brothers in Christ even when it might not be comfortable.

Parent Volunteers Welcome!
We welcome our parents with clearances to sign up to help out in the cafeteria for a lunch shift of their choosing. This is easily done online by visiting our school volunteer page and clicking the links posted there.


Breakfast is served on school mornings from 7:45am - 8:15am for $2 per student and includes choice of whole grain cereal, hot oatmeal or bagel with cream cheese, fruit and yogurt, and student’s choice of drink (apple juice, orange juice or milk).


Students can either bring lunch or purchase a school lunch; those bringing lunch can purchase milk and ala carte items separately. Student lunches are $3.00 and include a meal, drink, side, vegetable and/or fruit. Additional daily offerings include a salad option (chef or chicken caesar) or a basket lunch option (deli sandwich with baked chips, fruit and vegetable).

As our cafeteria is nut safe, a separate, designated area in the cafeteria is provided for those students wishing to enjoy a nut-based lunch or snack in their lunchbox. Please note that parents should not drop off fast food at lunch time as they cannot be accepted. For our students, lunch time should be treated like any other part of the school day; therefore classroom appropriate behavior is expected in the cafeteria as is stated in the discipline policy.